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Yes I plan to keep it out side I need to make a top for it so when it rains it does not overflow being it will be under the overhang of my building...

I prolly need to get rid of a few of my project tools like the Kalamazoo abrasive saw, 5 ton punch press, manual pipe bender and a few other things
as they have to live outside and I just don't have the time to finish them up

sucks is I prolly wont get much for them if anything at all some of it I have a few bucks in to but looking at it this way I've screwed up and threw good money after bad so many time its just going to sting just a tad getting rid of more projects I've invested time and money in to but rather someone else get use of it than let it sit there and end up back or in worse condition than it was when I picked the stuff up...
heck I have a storage building that weather has given hell to and I cant even remember what I have in it as it was the first place I started putting unfinished projects in....
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