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I think mine was 4.25" in diameter. A 4" hole saw worked perfect to cut the aluminum for the arms. I used a 4"x1/2" flat aluminum, I think it was 12-14" long. You only need to cut the circle half way, not a complete circle.

I then used a 1/4" bolts on a piece of 1/2"x1/8" flat strap to secure it to the column. One arm at the base of the column, the other right under the top cap. The hardest part was making sure I had the holes for the alignment bar bored in the correct place. I was able to do that by clamping both arms tight & drilled the hole.

I'm using a piece of 3/4" O-1 drill rod, the ends were machined to 1/2" & threaded to accept 1/2"x13 self locking nuts. To set the alignment to the table, I got it aligned at the lowest setting, then locked things in place. I then raised the head & checked alignment again & it was within 0.001.

For a Mill/Drill, I think that's close enough.

I'll look for more pictures at home, Miner is in storage & I can't get to him very easy.

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