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Originally Posted by Hollywood View Post
Wade, your giving me to much credit on the welding table. It was an easy modification of a car lift similar to this:

What I did was remove the lift arms from the base of the lift as well grind off the couple of "stops" that were welded to it to get a flat base. I had the distributor cut the metal to size before we picked it up. I added a quick release to the hydraulic hose so the pump can be wheeled completely away from the table. The plus to that is that when I get my JD2 bender I can run it off the same electric over hydraulic pump. The lift itself has a pair of hard steel rollers on one end, and the pump cart is used as a lever to pry up the other end. You "steer" it with the pump cart...not an easy task, because the thing is pretty heavy.
It looks good regardless. Wish I could find something similar to use. I bought a motorcycle/atv/utv scissor lift table last year, but need something like you got there to build a buggy on. Been looking for a old scissor lift to use, no luck yet.

Could I talk you into getting some measurements and material sizes?


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