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Go for the $50 per hour. can't beat it. I'm like the rest, by the time you plate and insure a truck it's more than rent will be. $50 is what I paid for a truck and driver here in southern Mich 4 or 5 years ago. you can hardly put a guy in one and run it for that. I was going to suggest renting an off road hauler, but if your only choice is to go on-road, then that might get you in trouble. I have an old (vintage 1973) GMC gas tandem dumptruck for sale, cheap! air brakes too! but I only use it on off road jobs. too rough to put on the road, but it's a low geared workhorse. but, bottom line, unless you're gonna do alot of your own dirt hauling, it's better to hire it.

ps. what other dirt work do ya do? just curious. were in the farm drainage and excavating business here.
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