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If you look towards sunnier climes, the trucks won't have salt damage. You can usually find a few dozen of them in the traders. Truck has a bunch. You can find them in fair shape for half that price. May need to put some tlc with it, but it beats paying out the nose for something you'll have to keep 'cuz it won't sell. Dumps are my deal. Fords are cheap and so are Int'l's. Stay away from the gas engines. They are usually ragged out. Air brakes are better too. The hydraulic brakes don't work so good. The ones with the best resale, unfortunately will be the ones that cost the most. The single axle road tractors that have been converted work well and sell ok, but they cost.

We do hauling for people like you all the time. We have been loaded by some who would have been faster with a shovel. If you could rent the truck, that would maybe be the best bet for the bulk. Then you could finish it off paying some one by the hour to do the little bits. Or just pay them by the hour with the knowledge that loading will be slow. Some won't care. We usually don't. Just depends on how busy we are. Right now we are jumping. Got orders for well over a thousand tons of base with more pending. When we aren't as busy, slow jobs are fine by us.

My two cents.

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