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100 Grand ? Someone musta seen him comming...

I've been pricing KW 8 bag cutoffs & Pete air/ leaf cutoffs. Also been looking at Used/ Reman engines & trannies. I have a Big Cam Cummins with a Super ten trans setting in an International frame with Reyco (sp) rear suspension. This is (was) a tandem dump truck 'till it got laid on its side and pushed the cab about 10 inches sideways. This truck is in good shape mechanicly. We run dump trucks and have 12 tandems & 4 18's.

We have a fairly decent shop & can do most of our own work. I have never tried anything like this before, but it seems like it should be do-able with-out having to kidnap my banker.

The end result is to have a nice old tractor that is road worthy and work ready. Some light duty dump work combined with Interstate long-haul.

I'd like to know more about my initial questions. What's the deal with the KW "frame horns" ? Are these frames squeezed-pinched-dropped in the front, or whatever? I really don't see a problem with going from one straight frame to another, but this "frame horn" deal has me confused.

Thanks for any input anyone can give on this.
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