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Thanks guys for the comments. So far it's been a lot of fun, esspecially since there is no rush and we can work at our own pace. When we put the trusses up the wind was howlling at my back (out of the south) at about 20 and times 30 mph. We propped and braced them as best we could but they are still leaning slightly towards the back of the shop. Talk to my contractor friend yesterday and he said they would not even attempted to put them up in that wind but with a "come-a-long and a little luck (and less wind) they will ussually straighten with no problem. I hope so. He also said we could knock the lathe of the first and last truss, staighten them and let the rest fall where they may. That's a project for this weekend since I'm on call and maybe we will have time to try.
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