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Weldin widow in the shopfloortalkchat group it says you and Paul are both members of the group so you should be able too get into chat by just sighning in at the group itself and then clicking on the chat button too the left of the screen. Did you both get ( .net passports ) you need one too get into chat but its free too get one there are a few downloads you need too get this . I have a MSN hotmail account which comes with one if you didnt download anything when you sighned up then that may be where the problem is . let me know what yall did when you sighned up for the group and I will help all I can only thing I know for sure is EVEN FRANZ GOT IN which means anybody here should be able too . I did notice in the members list neither you or paul had a smiley next too your names but then again neither does DMAN and he gets in .

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