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Originally Posted by gagiii
If you are in the concrete business I have a question. My guy says that if I want a really smooth finish he recommended to use reinforcement wire and not the "fiberglass" reinforcement. Just wondering about your opinion.

I agree. I am not big on fiber on slabs. IMO, lots of guys will use it to be lazy and not put in the appropriate steel. They still crack, even with high fiber densities. Also, as regards finish, IF they don't do it just right, you get fibers at the surface. It is even harder to do in the winter. The cold seems to help the fibers stay on the surface instead of sinking below the paste layer. Result....not a smooth finish. I am putting #3 bar AND #10 mesh on mine. That will give me temp control, tension resistance and crack control with the mesh. Now wait and will look like a spider web with all the cracks. Keeping concrete pristine is like herding cats.

If you want a really smooth finish, tell them go ahead with the mesh and burn the surface when they pour/finish it. The result will be a shiny, baby butt smooth finish....really easy to clean up, too.

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