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Originally Posted by CaddmannQ View Post
I think a good deal of the problem is in the packaging.

These rods don’t come in a sealed can, but in a plastic package with sticky labels.

I had four different packs of that Vulcan welding rod and I opened them all and looked at them. Some of the rods looked much darker than the other ones and I think maybe they were exposed to moisture. I tried welding again with some of the other rods, and the results were better.

I was often having problems getting a good start. You know when you have a bad start that the rest of the weld doesn’t often go very well either. Anyhow I was able to do some better welding with that rod by picking and choosing which ones in the pack I used.

It’s gonna be consistently 100°F+ here soon and I will take those rods out and bake them in the hot hot desert sun and see if it improves the action.

Toss em into an oven at 250 for an hour, that will bake the moisture out all together. I’ve done that different times for rods that had been exposed to moisture.

At the farm in Onterrible they would often lay on top of one of the woodstoves to bake.

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