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Originally Posted by digger doug View Post
Same here, but I never got into customization.
Driving Inventor now, can you share some of these customizations ?
As of late, the pull down to get to a command has gotten worse.
In the command line, enter ai_editcustfile and hit enter. ( thats ai_editcustfile )

At Custom File to edit: enter acad.pgp.

Your PGP file (Program Parameters File For AutoCAD) will open. It's a text listing of all AutoCAD commands and aliases.

Pick the ones to use frequently and change the command alias to what you want.

For example the "rectangle" command. I believe the existing command alias for that is RECT. I have mine changed to RT. Another one that I use often is MATCHPROP. I have that command alias set to MP.

When you're done, save and close it.

You will have to reinitiate the PGP file. Just type REINIT at the command line. Check the box for PGP file and click OK. Your new command aliases will be available for your current and future AutoCAD sessions.

It might not seem like a big time saver, hitting a few less key strokes, but not having to mouse around clicking on a command button makes a huge difference for me.

Note, before you start changing the PGP file, find it and make a copy renamed to PGP-ORIGINAL. That way if you goof up, you still have the original to revert to.
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