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Originally Posted by Ironman View Post
And a bit more heat. and work the puddle a bit to counter undercutting from more heat.
You will get penetration and a nice blended transition zone.
They probably would’ve helped if I had 3/16 inch rod instead of one eighth, as I’m trying to do a fillet on the edge of a 1/8 thick pipe.

That’s the second tack there on the right, and I’m not showing you the first tack (on the opposite side) that actually blew a little hole through the pipe.

It is quite a gas working with this new welder. The last stick welder I used was one of those huge World War II 300 amp Lincoln transformers. It had a 12 inch steering wheel on the front with a necking knob.

Anyhow this is the raw view. All I did was chip off the slag with a hammer and what you see is what I did. I’m just glad I don’t do this for a living. All the prep work and grinding is rough.

Being a hobbyist, anytime I get tired frustrated or unhappy I can just turn the torch off and go have a beer.
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