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Talking Finally getting a real shop!!

Well it's suppose to start next Wed. (12/07/05) I fell into a little money and found a few deals and they are suppose to start forming the slab then. This is going to be a "hybred" building. 56' x 42" with 40' x 42' enclosed. The remainder will be under roof with no walls for tractors, equiptment, 4 wheeler, ect. I'm getting posts for a metal building and "C"pearlings from a friend for less than $1.00 a foot (rusty ones even cheaper). I bought 15 surplus wooden trusses (2x6 over 2x6 scissor to span 42') for $50.00 dollars each.
I bought 200 sheets of 23' v crimp tin of a chicken house for 6 dollars a sheet (removed) and that includes the 2x4 lathe under the tin. Plan on doing the majority of the work above the slab my self (with the help of my brother). So this project may take a while but the building is part of the fun!!

If any body has a website or personal information on plans for the layout I could sure use the help. I've got a good idea about what I think I want but a little more input and information is always a great thing
this is the site (was my pea patch)

I will do my best to take as many pictures as possible. My brother and I have already leveled the pad. Just waiting on my contractor buddy to form it up.

Don't know if you can tell but I'm pretty excited!!

I would appreciate any input and/or comments now and as the work progresses.
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