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Default Part 3

(continued from above)

I cut the 9-pin connector off the 63895 in preparation to solder the K-870 connector in. I left plenty of cord because my goal is to sell it to someone looking to make a hand control or something for their Vulcan TIG. That way the K-870 connector will be "free".

Before soldering, I made sure the K-870 connector was slid down the 63895 cable. I also added a piece of clear tube and some shrink-tube to help stiffen and make more durable the area just outside the connector. This is a common area for wires to be damaged.

Even though the wire colors were the same, three of the five wires between the K-870 and 63895 were in different locations on the pot and switch. I had to de-solder a wire because I realized I had put it on the wrong pin...

Had some trouble with butane devices used to shrink the tubing. The first pencil torch I used caught fire in my hand because of a leak but I was quickly able to turn it off and put it out. Then another one I had wasn't working. Then the small propane torch I used worked OK, but kept leaking at the valve after I removed the torch head. I left it outside to leak out to avoid a fire inside.

Once everything was together, I tested the 300/300 with the 63895 pedal. The welds could have been better once dialed in but I didn't have any 3/32" filler, only 1/16" and 1/8". My scraps were old and dirtyish and I started running out of Argon and didn't feel like digging out another cylinder. I am happy with the results nonetheless (ie: the welder works!).
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