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Last night I downloaded the SFT App and to my surprise had to agree to some terms before it would load. Now that I have downloaded the App, I need to find out where it is hiding. I looked through everything where I thought it might be. If I download an App, I would think it would be somewhere within the Icon that is marked "App's"

Is there a way someone could post a picture of what the App looks like (if it is the same for everyone). I am assuming that somewhere on it there will be the letters SFT. I have looked at everything in the HTC Merge manual that deals with App's thinking there must be something about downloading and saving App's..........but if it is there, I do not see it. It is no fun being technologically challenged, and very embarrassing when I have to have my 11 year old niece help me get my phone internet straightened out. I would really like to have the ability to get on SFT on my phone when at work when I have a problem that could be solved by the SFT knowledge bank...........thanks.
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