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last spring i rebuilt a fertalizer spreader(or more accurate is i built one from parts of another)....made new walking beams and complete frame ....they are 3" shaft for a 4 ton load ........and the shaft went under into couple of pieces of pipe welded to bottom of frame w/ angle pieces to support and a coller then welded to keep from slipping no point was the shaft "unsupported"...the shaft came thru the beam ..thur a 1"plate.....and into the first pipe piece under the frame that stuck out 3/16 to keep the 1"plate from rubbing the frame.....

i have been thinking of building a wagon with walking beams for my 4 wheeler but never have gotten to it (really haven't amassed enough junk at one time to build one) i like them cuz they pull easier

as for your question 1.5" no less
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