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1" what???

1" A-36 hot rolled rod, I would say not.... go 1.5"

1" 4140 sure no problem....

Ehhh you guys gotta start speaking "farmer" I was planning on using Steel shaft LOL.. Got some laying around the shop.. no idea whether is a-36 or 4140... or C3P0.... its steel :-] What i was planning on doing was building the frame work .. then drilling a hole through the side.. in line with the cross member.. then just sliding the shaft through... maybe drill a hole in the middle to bolt the shaft in so it wont slip out. Walking beams will be 3ft or so long and will provide most of the 'suspension',, the rest being supplied by ATV style tires... nothing fancy here but it will definately be over built... cause thats what us farmboys do.. we over build things. I also have some 2in shafting but thats gonna add alot of weight to the trailer and besides it $$$$ and I'm cheap.
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