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Default Aluminum Frames? Swap Chassis?

I'm looking at an old 1960 Peterbilt with a good cab/ hood & fenders etc.. This truck has an aluminum frame with a Hendrickson rear suspension. The frame is patched in several places and has a slight crack behind the drivers side spring hanger (rear hanger) Are aluminum frames just junk or what?

In the same place is a 1959? KW with a crushed cab/ hood. It also has an aluminum frame, but this frame seems to be ok. This truck has a Hendrickson rear suspension as well.

Is it possible to swap the Peterbilt cab onto the KW chassis? Wouldn't this be easier than putting in new frame rails on the Pete? I read someplace that KW has a "frame horn" in front of the firewall. What does this mean?

Could I possibly switch the Pete cab to a more modern chassis? How about putting an old Kenworth Cab on a modern chassis?

I would like to bring this Old Pete & maybe a KW up to date with new power/ drivetrain/suspension.... Just looking for some reasonable input before I jump off the deep end.
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