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Originally Posted by dubby View Post
MY junk is not what people want.
Talking about junk, I switched shop stereos a few months ago. The old, working stereo has been sitting on a bench waiting for something. My cousin challenged me to throw it in the dumpster so instead I put a "FREE" ad up on FBM and groups along with 3/4 set of NEW HP ink cartridges and random shelf supports for a click together shelf--not easily repurposed. Bunch of people wanted the stereo and messaged me* so I contact the first person, give them the address and tell them it is outside the gate.

A day goes buy and about a dozen inquiries about the stereo so I contact the next person and give them the address. Meanwhile, it has been rained on and if the stereo is still outside the gate tonight it WILL be going into the dumpster. I pulled it off the curb on trash day 8 years ago so it has been kept from Landfill Mountain providing extra value all that time.

* FBM has these canned responses people send that I generally ignore namely "Is this still available". When they look at an item they can click the box which sends the message. A lot of times it is scammers. I usually note I will ignore such responses in my ad and for a buyer to mention exactly why they messaged.

Also learn how to look at people's profiles. If there is some random picture of a good looking woman with a man's name on the profile and NO description then it IS a scammer. It takes 10sec to click a button and report them.

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