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Disclaimer: FarceBuk Sucks!

That said, create yourself a semi-legit account, avoid using a valid ph. number or address. You don't have to use your "real" name but that will add legitimacy when a buyer or seller (or giver) looks at your profile. Add a few basic pics with nothing that will upset a potential viewer.

Then go into settings and TURN ALL THAT SHIT OFF! I'm talking notifications and site stats and all that crap! It might take 5 minutes or so to figure out where it all is, but it will be worth it. You will still be tracked by every post you make and message you send. You will see ads relating to what posts you have viewed. Do not give out your phone number to anyone until you have vetted them--tons of scammers on FB. I chose to have no FB friends although I follow a couple groups like the local Sheriffs.

Once you are on FB, you can post to various "buyselltradefree" groups. Marketplace will not let you ask for free stuff but will let you post it. Explain your need and what you are looking for. There may be someone willing to let you keep the scrap and/or goodies from a home or garage cleanout.

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