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Originally Posted by astronut View Post
I wish you and your customer well with the slide plate set up. Back in the 1980's while working for a grain and barge company, we had a few of the farmers arrive with slide plates in their grain trailers to off load their grain. Many of times they were not able to off load the grain due to the weight pressing down on the plate chute. Even with us assisting them it was still a no go. We sent them on their merry way. A slide gate plate is not the best solution to the problem.
Well, they were very certain what they want, and were out to check progress.
That covers my ass, but I tend to agree with you. It will need horsepower.
I have to assume they know what they are doing, as they built this so far. And I don't know how many bushels the hopper holds.

So we will see what happens. I'll get the feedback and report.
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