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Default Rapid Air Products/Maxline

Welp, after months and months of dancing the knife edge, of getting it or leaving it on the shelf at the store, I finally decided to get it. I bought the 3/4" master kit. I contained 100 foot of the semi-stiff 3/4" pvc/aluminum/Teflon tubing, 3 drop stations, 20 hangers/anchors, 2 tees and the assembly/cutting tools.

I ran a 1/2" x 36" hydraulic hose, as my vibration isolator and piped 3 drops in the shop, with 9 available air chuck, with 4 of them connected to my hose reels. The tubing is pretty stiff, making uncurling and measuring for cuts a PITA, but it went together exactly as stated and I had no leaks. The tubing is good for 200 psi and my 2 stage Home Depot sourced Campbell-Hausfeld air compressor shuts off at 175 psi, so I should be okay.

I bought my set from the local Runnings store for about $185 and with the extra parts and the misc nipples and air chuck and the ever present NYS sales tax, I left the store at about $250. The whole system has only 13 of the companies hi-tech special compression joints.

The whole job took about 5 hours, running about 75 of the supplied 100 foot tubing. Most of the time was moving crap in the Machinery Closet, to get to the areas where the drops were going to be located. Fired the system up, soap tested all of the joints, and remade 4 whips, from the drops to the hose reels.

All in all, it looks decent, the parts are well made, I used different mounting straps, we shall see if the stuff lasts an remains leak free.
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