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Default Possible new shop?

I’m looking at the possibility of a second garage at the house in Alberta. It would serve two main functions there, it would become the primary ‘shop’ space, for the equipment and working space, as well as a garage for my truck at times.

The current garage on the house is reasonable, about 22’ x 22’ inside, though when SWMBO has the requirement of indoor parking in that space, it gets reduced severly. Even empty it would be a real squeeze to fit the truck, as it’s within inches on both length and height with the 7’ overhead door. Add in the tools and equipment and the truck will never fit.

The lot has the additional feature of a side, and rear access alley. I’m flying out again shortly, and plan to look at size, setbacks etc to conform with building code requirements. I think, that if I go across the back of the lot, we wouldn’t lose a big chunk of the currently open yardspace, and it would create additional outdoor parking.

Right now I’m looking at 20’ x 30’, with 10’ high walls, and a 9’ x 16’ doublewide overhead door. Depending on height rules, I will look at bumping that up if possible and aim for a 10’ high door.

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