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Originally Posted by toprecycler View Post
Great to hear about the meeting. Also great to put a face to Mike. I remember getting some super scrapers from him a couple years ago. Although I was reluctant to spend that much money on them, they turned out to be a great investment. Special thanks to Mike for buying a large wholesale amount and then redistributing at cost! He also reminded me of my dad with his beard! Brian
I like to think of the beard as natural sunscreen. Good for living in the high desert of northern Nevada. Now I'll have to think of it as natural insulation against the Vermont winter.

I still have superscrapers for sale on eBay. I met the guy that makes them last month. He showed me around his shop. It was something for to keep busy with in his retirement, and now it keeps he and his wife so busy that they have trouble keeping up with demand from time to time.
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