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Thanks for your reply, this particular model is pilot start.
Originally Posted by astronut View Post
Years ago I owned a Giant Tech Cut 50D. It was okay for what I paid for it of around $400 at the time if I remember correctly. Only thing is it had the Mosfit electronics in it instead of the IGB electronics. Back then Mosfit electronics were known to go up in smoke at the drop of a hat. I never had an issue with mine when I had it and it would cut up to about 1/2" steel if I remember correctly. The only thing I did not like about it was that it did not have a pilot arc. It was contact start only. After a year or two of sitting with no use I put it up on ebay and sold it. I had a Thermaldynamics 25amp 110 volt unit before it and it would cut up to 3/16 steel and 1/4" with slow patience. I wish I would have kept that one since most of my plasma work that I usually did was 1/4" or less.
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