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Originally Posted by digger doug View Post
There is a 3rd option:
I had purchased (2) 40 amp older xformer units (a hypertherm max 40, and a
solar model)
outfitted new torches to them, and used them for a few years.

HF start, torch's, hoses, consumables are all cheap on e-bay (pt-31 torch).

However I wanted to upgrade.
So I picked up a non working snap on ya-5550.
Original torch was made by Hypertherm.

55 amp xformer unit, dead simple, no HF to deal with.
Replaced the melted glob of a torch with a new Chinese copy ($80).
IIRC s-60 blowback torch.

I see them made under Century, Dayton, etc.

No they aren't portable by any means (well they doo have wheels
under them).

But, no one will steal it either.......
Thanks for your input. I took a look at that option, and didn't find anything that seemed to be priced right/something that I'm confident I could diagnose and repair.

Working, well used (beat up) name brand units in the 50 amp range still seem to be fetching $1000 or near that.

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