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There is a 3rd option:
I had purchased (2) 40 amp older xformer units (a hypertherm max 40, and a
solar model)
outfitted new torches to them, and used them for a few years.

HF start, torch's, hoses, consumables are all cheap on e-bay (pt-31 torch).

However I wanted to upgrade.
So I picked up a non working snap on ya-5550.
Original torch was made by Hypertherm.

55 amp xformer unit, dead simple, no HF to deal with.
Replaced the melted glob of a torch with a new Chinese copy ($80).
IIRC s-60 blowback torch.

I see them made under Century, Dayton, etc.

No they aren't portable by any means (well they doo have wheels
under them).

But, no one will steal it either.......
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