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Good show, Rusty.

I can think of very few activities that yield more satisfaction than a project like this - building almost any kind of "permanent" structure that increases your enjoyment & the usefulness of your shop or equipment.
Building my own little backyard shop, even though I had little to do with the actual construction, was a magical time for me. Just seeing the dreams of years finally coming into existence was so much fun.

I wish we had a one size fits all solution for the rotating pictures. I saw this coming as soon as smart phones started to become the weapon of choice.
At first I hoped that the manufacturers would present an easy fix with some kind of manufacturing standard for the cameras. I think they like it this way because they prefer their dominant social media platforms like Facebook over our old fossil-type forums, so why should they help us out?

Maybe this is a good time for me to clear something else up.
In the first place, we try very hard to not even give the impression that ShopFloorTalk has moderators. For that reason, I dislike dicking with or editing any member's words or photos.

But when this first began to be a problem, I tried to be helpful by Up-righting the photos and replacing the crooked ones. I ran into a big problem right away:
Unless the twisted picture was number 5 of 5, I have to save, remove and re-upload several of them because of the way the remove/replace utility works in vBulletin.

For instance, if pictures numbered 1, 2, 4 & 5 are fine but #3 is sideways and I remove #3 and rotate it in Irfanview, when I replace it, it becomes picture #5 by default (which seriously screws up your ordered descriptions) unless I also remove & replace #4 and #5 as well. If I need to edit #2 only, I still have to remove and replace 3, 4 & 5 to maintain the correct order. Replacing #1 requires removing and reloading all 5 pictures.
And so forth.
So, what might appear to be a 3 minute chore can easily turn into a half hour, or even more if most of the pictures need to be rotated.

That much tinkering around with your threads is not only a lot of work but also is highly subject to error and I do not like to piss people off by trying to be helpful. Once I have removed the photos, even if I rename them numerically in the correct order, it is still too easy to reload them in the wrong order, or to screw up something else, such as picture quality. To be as safe as possible I would need to take a screenshot of the post or the Manage Attachments window, or something.

This also tends to make me nervous. I spend a lot of my time here with the intention of enjoying myself, not screwing up my natural sunny disposition.
In other words, it far exceeds my pay grade and even the depth of my native benevolence.
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