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Originally Posted by Shade Tree Welder View Post
I have been thinking of doing a similar thing for a reloading/hobby shop set up,
I would run a heavy underground "extension" cord, so it can unplug, NEMA 15-
50 plug. for an make it a moveable shed to avoid taxes and permits. If I do an
attic I will just have a ladder for access to give as much room as possible, and
my attic would be storage only.

Not sure what you mean by metalworking but you will need to reinforce a floor
if you put in a lathe or mill, so pre-plan that. That would be my only comment.
No way around the permits unfortunately. Where I live any shed over 10' needs a permit. I plan to get a combination mill / lathe, that's about it for heavy machinery. I'll eventually build some kind of small (3' x '3) CNC, either plasma or waterjet (preferred). Also have other equipment like drill press, bandsaw, decent size forge, steel storage racks, steel plated desk, large workbench, very heavy 10" jaw size vice, etc. Overall there's lots of weight.

How would you recommend reinforcing the floor? Thicker joists and tighter spacing?
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