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Have used Autocad way back, like 20 yrs ago, 2D is just ugly, I want pretty 3D.

Messed around with Sketchup for a while. While is great to quickly get something drawn up, it is more intended for architecture. The free version can't export nicely to another CAD format. Dimensioning is also a pain. Also don't like the direction Trimble is taking sketchup, seems to get more online-ified and needing an account to download models, etc...

Briefly tried fusion360, but everytime i tried it, it was downloading a big update. And it also seems to lock you in to that platform. A lot of people like it but I wanted more open.

Now trying to learn FreeCAD. Open source parametric CAD. Seems pretty powerful, and much more like a real CAD application should be vs. Sketchup. Still learning the basics. Bonus it runs on win, mac and linux.
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