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Default Part 2

(continued from above)

With the cover off, I then pushed the spring out of its slot as shown. Using a 10mm wrench and socket, I removed the pivot bolt, spacers and spring. Then I put the pedal back upright. This allowed the top half of the pedal to be removed.

The pedal guts consist of a normally open roller switch that rolls against the top half. The exposed spade terminal would be connected to if the switch were a "normally closed" style.

There is also a rotary pot that has a gear attached and the gear is acted upon by a rack that moves down when the top half pushes against it.

Using a meter, I was able to determine that this was a 10,000 ohm pot so I would be able to adapt it to the 300/300 especially since they utilized the same number of wires. I also determined the pin outs as they relate to the connector. See the chart attached.

Now needing a 6-pin Lincoln-style connector, I checked out Debay and was able to find one for $17 shipped free. I had it in less than a week.

(continued below)
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