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I am pouring a small slab at the entrance to my shop.
The forms are in so all dimensions are known the result was dead on.

When I poured the repair to that garage ( Kieth Knows about it) I spent a couple of hours on excel calculating each pour volume because there was no room for error as the source was more than an hour away.
I got it right and added 10 % for form creep. The first pour went perfectly and I had exactly enough left over to fill the sidwalk block forms I had prepaired.
The second pour was about 1 yard smaller but as the concrete cost was "per truckload " I ordered the same load and made a few extra block forms.
The truck arrived and was more than a yard short for my forms so I had to fire up a small mixer and finish it from material on hand.
Then I tracked down the qwner of the batch plant that supplied the concrete and asked WTF. It seems that the driver reported that we had extra for the first pour and that the second half was smaller so the plant operator tried to short us for extra profit.
I got my customer a good settlement but it could have been a total disaster if I had not had a mixer and material on hand for a different project.
A year later I poured the floor slab and did not use that supplier Job turned out perfect and I had exactly my calculated extra.

This calculator would have made it much easier to calculate the concrete required.
Life beats the alternative hands down.
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