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To all:

Engloid passed this information to me and thought it would be good to share with everyone

Thanks, Engloid!

Originally Posted by Engloid
You may want to add something to it, just a suggestion to others. I have an account at and love it. It's free and you set it up in about 1 minute. It's easier than hotmail. It has the best spam filters there are. You can give it your "regular" email address and it will filter mail and then forward the good ones to you. I get about 2 junk emails a month, and they don't come through, they are where a spammer has gotten my main address somewhere.

If your despammed account starts to get junkmails, you can change that name or delete it and make another...without changing any info with your ISP.

Also, when posting your email address anywhere it's going to be public, it's good to write it as or something like that so that the spambots that search the web for email addresses can't pick it up.

Junkmail is a big problem for many, but with the right measures, it can be greatly reduced.

And it's good to see the board picking up. Thanks for your work.

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