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Originally Posted by SmokinDodge View Post
As you sit on the tractor, on the right side about where your hand would fall there is a block with two shuttles that gummed with debris and cause that exact scenario on the three point system.
Yep The relief valves which is what I suspect my self one has a small type of washer inside with a screen that clogs up or sticks from rust if it has been run with water in system and then sits for awhile
but being it was hooked up to lines that had dirt in them I may have to go further in to clear it all out I mean I could prolly clean the relief valves and it will most likely work but I suspect it will just do it again till all the dirt is flushed out of the system or doo you think it is more likely the filters will catch it before the relief valves plug and stick again so what's your opinion on what you would do to clear it or just let filters do it and chance it clogging or sticking again ?

Or should I say the control vale shuttle relief valves

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