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I gotta throw this out there...

Concrete will set under water, but what is bearing it's weight? If it's mud (soil, clay, etc.), and the mud dries out, what prevents the mud from shrinking and the slab settling off kilter?

I may be way off base, I am not a concrete guy, but I would not pour any concrete over really wet mud. As has been mentioned, no standing water. I would also dig down if necessary and backfill with what I call AB (aggregate base) and compact.

Check with some local builders, see what they do. Maybe write an email to Scott Wadsworth (Essential Craftsman) asking his opinion. EC has mentioned that he does not want to wait until right before the rainy season starts to get moving on the house he is building.

Go back and read this post from member DDA52, send him a PM, see what he would do.

Do your due diligence to make sure YOUR project comes out as you want it.
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