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Originally Posted by greywynd View Post
Where I was in Onterrible that was common practice. Many of the bigger form companies have their own pumpers, and the subdivisions are so tight that pumping concrete is just how it’s done.

Form footings, pump in the concrete. Form basement walls, pump concrete. Once the forms are stripped, usually a stone slinger is used to place clear stone around the footing weeping tile, and under the basement floor. Often the concrete companies own the slingers as well. On bigger developments I’ve seen the slingers and concrete pumpers stay on site all day, day after day.

Even basement floors will get the pumpers brought in, and the hose put in through window and stairway openings to minimize labour.

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Here everything is slab on grade with maybe 2ft deep footing. No frost line here
The illegals and chutes are cheaper than pumpers but pumpers are cheaper than heavy recovery bills. Nobody wants a stuck concrete truck.
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