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Default Shopping For A Garage/Shop

Started the process today met with a sales rep for Steel Structures America about a pole barn style steel building. I was thinking along the lines of 24X32 Ft. with 10' sidewalls with an 8' lean-to roof on one side for extra storage. He suggested bumping the overall footprint of the building to 30X40 Ft. and doing away with lean-to since the extra shop space versus the lean-to would only be about $900 dollars more. I'm suffering a little bit from sticker shock at this point. I had no idea what a building was going to cost. But, it's looking like it's going to come in around 36K or $30 a square Ft. Does this seem in the ballpark for a shop this size? I intend to get bids from other builders obviously. But, wow I need to digest this one and ponder on it.
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