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I have been looking around more on the web now that I have this info. I found this article, which may the one to which you refer. The whole magazine looks like a good read. Funny how it leans strongly to building things yourself and even has lathe articles in it. Aircraft to engines to waterskiing. I think I was born many years too late. :-)

I may have the wrong connections. When I thought it was a welder, the three connections were EL, EH and Gnd, iirc. I assumed high output and low output and then the Gnd so I made my connection EH and Gnd. Now I think they should be EL and EH. What do you think?

In trouble shooting, I disconnected the rheostat while it was running to see if it was making a difference. There was a bit of an rpm surge I think, but when I went to reconnect, quite a bit of sparking at the spade connector. With the darkness outside and a running engine and because I have the fan blades exposed, etc, I finally choked the engine down to shut if off and reconnected the rheostat. It is is definitely in the circuit. I think I will wire in a shut off switch as the magneto shut off is kind of awkward. I also need to fabricate a new fan cover. The old one was made of a soffit material and so beat up, I did not want to put it back on but that running fan is kind of dangerous.
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