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Originally Posted by milomilo View Post
It did warm up more than I expected today, so got fire going in the shop and finished the countersinks for the 1/2" holes. The 1/2" holes will be used to mount the plate to the table. The set up blocks I made a couple weeks ago will be used as spacers to bring the mounting plate off the table.

I had an old countersink cutter I have had for years and tried to use with no luck. Someone had tried to sharpen it and the cutting edges were not gound equally so chattered way to much.

So looked through my old large bits for a 1" bit with the right angle (82 degrees). Thought I had found one that would work. WRONG. It was way too flat of an angle so one hole is larger diameter than the rest. Got a different bit that matched the angle I needed to finish the other 3 holes. The larger one will still work fine. Just looks different.

Anyway, got the holes laid out for the 3/8" tapped holes, then got to late to drill them. There is always tomorrow.
Chris...... Two questions..

1# What are the dimensions of the milling plate you are making

2# How did you get your mill drill table so clean looks good what prosses did you use to clean it up
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