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Originally Posted by Shade Tree Welder View Post
Well since he is single...

Originally Posted by astronut View Post
Now that is BIG! Especially the price!
Originally Posted by moe1942 View Post
Did I say tight too....
But since he IS single (and young?), he could get a used Dynasty 200, then spend a little extra and get a water-cooled torch setup (#20). That setup will last the rest of his life... You might find one local in the $1500 range (or less).

Or spend a little more (or less) and get a new Diversion 180. Looks like a nice starter/all-around TIG. LINK Add $500-$600 for a water-cooled torch and cooler. The WC torch can be used with another TIG should he upgrade to a Dynasty 800...

PS: and he'll need at least a 125cf of Argon. Buy the tank, it is easier that way then just swap out or buy two tanks and drop the empty off to be filled.

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