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Originally Posted by Walker View Post
Just looking for a little better rust prevention in crevices on ironwork. Everything gets painted, butit is impossible to get paing into the small crevices and tight curls on scrollwork.

That is tough. Been there, tried to do that. Couple years ago, did a job that they wanted powder coated. Sweet, I don’t have to try to paint it, let someone else do it, I thought. A year later, the owner noticed rust stains coming out of the scroll pieces. I was not a happy camper having to uninstall the rails, and ship them back to the powder coater to have him redo them. But, I got paid by the hour to do the work. I think the boss might have lost money in that deal. Come to think about it, have had to have at least 3 different jobs get redone because of the powder coating failing or quality of it. And by two different powder coater companies too. I just don’t like powder coating for rails anymore, because you just can’t touch them up, like you can if you paint them with regular paint.

No matter how hard you try, something with scratch or chip it by the time you get it installed.

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