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So here’s how it went at the grove today. The day job had me until 11:00 so I didn’t get there until 1:00. Today’s project was to dig 2 holes and put the posts in the ground for the gate on RNR (Red Neck Road).

Before I get too deep into the day’s events I need to add a little bit of background. When I physically moved here in mid-October, I drove down with only things that would fit on my flat trailer. I brought my skid steer with all attachments, a welding machine, a small air compressor, a little Honda generator, all of the new Red cordless tools I own, and a bag of HF hand tools that I keep in the truck. That’s all I have here at the grove.

My neighbor up north gave me this hydraulic post hole digger that one of his tenants made and left behind. The only thing I did to it to make it work for me was to make a hinged bracket on the end of a piece of hitch tube, and bolt it on. It slips into the hitch mount I made for the skid steer. I have used it a few times and drilled about a dozen holes with it. The visibility on the new skid steer is quite a bit different from my old machine and after drilling the first hole for the gate posts, I bumped into a tree and bent the shaft on the PHD.

I can fix this PHD and that is where my day took a dump. My truck is parked on RNR which in on the west side of the grove and my shipping container shop is on the east side of the grove. So I drive the Bobcat with the broken PHD to the container. I open the container and realize that the Trailblazer is in the back of the container and I need put the forks on the Bobcat to get the welder out. The forks are on the flat trailer parked next to the container and I cant get to them unless I move the trailer. I take the PHD off the hitch plate, put on a ball and move the trailer.
I take the hitch plate off the Bobcat and put on the forks and bring the Trailblazer out of the container, I go to start it and the battery is dead.

I’m pretty pissed off at this point when I remember seeing a quote on a tea bag in Laura’s cup when I was up north last week, It said, “ The problem is not the problem, your attitude towards the problem is the problem” - Capt. Jack Sparrow. Now I have determination to get this thing fixed and things get worse. I’ll use the Honda generator to charge the battery in the Trailblazer. I tear the container apart looking for the 12VDC cord for the Honda when I realize that it’s in my truck on the other side of the grove almost a ¼ mile away. The quad has a bad fuel leak and won't run. So I walk back to the truck, get the 12VDC cord and head back to the container. I hook the Honda generator up to the Trailblazer to charge the battery and the Honda won’t start. I pull the shit out of it before I realize that it’s out of gas. I grab the gas can to fill the Honda, and even though I did the tire valve vent mod to the gas can, I can’t get gas out of the can. I grab a pair of dykes and circumcise the gas can nozzle and fill the Honda and get it running.

While the Trailblazer is charging, I figure I’ll cut the bent part off the PHD and prep everything for welding. My kids bought me this mini cordless band saw and it’s not a tool that I could have ever justified buying for myself but now that I have it I find it very handy and use it all the time. After I cut the bent pipe off I got the cordless grinder out and started grinding when I realized I should be wearing gloves. After looking and not finding my gloves I realize that they’re in the bag with my welding hood in the truck, so it’s another ¼ mile walk back to the truck. I get the gloves out of the bag and start back to the container when I realize I don’t have the welding hood. I get back to the container and prep the parts to be welded. I have a cordless grinder with one cut-off wheel and one battery. These grinders can eat a fully charged battery in no time at all and the charger is back in the truck, fortunately the battery lasted and I used up the entire cut-off wheel. I haven’t stick welded in almost 15 years but I managed to glue the broken pieces back together. I put everything away and drove the Bobcat back to RNR and drilled the other gate post hole without issue. I set the 2 posts in the ground and called it a day.

I’m hoping things go better tomorrow.
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