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Although I wouldn't consider myself a "redneck" (my shirt comes off when it is hot and sunny LINK), I WOULD consider myself a "country boy". Grew up among farmers and fishermen in the northern reaches of Narragansett Bay, RI. I AM a "southerner" in political view, though... Too bad I can't shake this New England accent.

Up north, I had "people" I trusted that could do anything. Carpenters? Check. Masons? Check. Machinists? Check. Landscaping? Check. Etc.? Check. The barter system was alive and well and I had many restaurants where I often ate for free in exchange for minor auto or building maintenance.

Here in FL, I don't have so many "people"... Especially ones I trust. I've built relationships--don't get me wrong, but I've also seen many "fly by nights" that do shoddy work that would never be accepted up north. Then they are gone the next month...

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