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Default 75 Ton Electric Hydraulic Shop Press

I'll be picking up a used Owatonna Tool Company (OTC) 75 ton shop press on Monday that I bought via online auction.

I was able to inspect the press in person before bidding on it and was pretty happy with most of what I saw. I'll get into some of the things I was not happy to see later on, but for now I have a question I hope some of you can answer about the cylinder.

The hydraulic cylinder on the press has threads on the bottom, which I was not expecting to see. I've had very limited exposure to shop presses, especially good sized units such as this, but I just don't recall ever seeing one with threads.

Are threads common on larger shop presses? The seller was clear that he was keeping most of the fixtures and jigs that had been used with this press, as he plans on converting them for use with the Ironworker that will assume all responsibilities that this press had previously handled. I convinced him to include the press plates for this, but that was not easy and I was so happy to have got him to throw those in that I didn't want to press my luck any further.

One of the fixtures he showed me he was in the process of converting obviously had some type of attachment point previously welded to the top of it. I assume that had female threads on it to match the male threads on the cylinder, but we never discussed that piece and I fear it may have been ruined when it was removed. I'll obviously bring the threaded adapter or whatever the correct term may be on Monday when I am there to pick up the press, but I'm not holding my breath.

I can't find any information on OTC's website. I'll be reaching out to them sometime next week as time permits, but in the mean time I'm curious just how screwed I may be in trying to find the proper threaded adapter I'd need to fit this cylinder.

If I can find a threaded adapter I'm assuming it may cost a small fortune. OTC doesn't seem to make a 75 Ton press anymore, it looks like they go straight from a 55 Ton to a 100 Ton. I found the manuals and parts lists for those units and there is no hint of threads on the bottom of those cylinders.

Their replacement 55 Ton cylinder sells for $4,550 and the 100 Ton goes for $7,666, so I definitely don't want to damage this 75 Ton cylinder by screwing up those threads.

I've attached a photo of the cylinder, which shows the threads in question. If anyone knows of a source to purchase a threaded adapter suitable for 75 tons of force I would appreciate it. Even just the proper term for the adapter would help me out.
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