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Default My Own Kingpin Thread

We just recently had a thread on replacing kingpins...


...and it got me thinking that it had been quite some time since I had anything to do with kingpins or axles or anything like that. Guess I should have blocked my thoughts or something because yesterday one of our customers called me up and wanted us to take a look at his problem. He has a spindle from a Ford F650 with the kingpin holes wallowed out a bit. The holes need to be bored out, have bushings installed and then be bored to finish size.

These things are quite large; not humungous, I guess, since I've worked on bigger ones but they're definitely larger than pickup spindles. That's a 6" scale in the pic to give some idea of size.

Steering arms had to come off to reduce weight and make for better access. They mount to the spindle in a tapered bore with a key and, let me tell you, they were tight. I discovered that my trusty old Harris rosebud had developed a leak so I couldn't use it; had to settle for a large brazing tip which didn't make nearly as much heat. I didn't get the first one quite hot enough on the first go round and, as you can see, I had to beat on the end of the thread more than I should--mushroomed the end out pretty good and collapsed the hole for the cotter pin. It's all fixable and, because of the nice little spigot they put on the end of the thread to protect them from guys like me, the threads themselves are fine. I took a bit more time and put quite a bit more heat into the second one--had the whole boss on the spindle glowing a nice dull cherry red--and it popped out pretty easy with a couple good sharp raps with a 2 lb. hammer.

That's where I left it last night--gave all the parts time to cool down good--and I'm about to set off to the shop to tackle the next phase.

Sorry about the poor picture quality but my "good" camera is down right now and my cell phone just isn't as good...
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