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My first view of this puzzle was more along the lines of making a torch trolly with a wheel on the edge that'd run against your straight edge. Your "height adjustment" would come in the form of putting the straight edge in place where you needed it to begin with. As far as affixing it to the trailer, I'd clamp it where I could with whatever creative clamps you can figure out and a liberal use of duct tape along the non-cutting edge.

When I need to make a long, straight cut with the plasma I have some 1" or 1.5" aluminum strips, maybe less than 1/8" thick. Never measured. It's just thick enough to catch on the standoff tip of my cutter, but if it was thicker it wouldn't matter, I'd just run a different part of the torch head against it. I grab whatever's handy out of the scrap pile and run with it. My cutter is way underpowered to handle a double-thickness cut like this so...

If you can't find something thinner, I'd look into fiber board or a concrete bender board. As long as it's got a straight edge and it bends it should work.
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