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Grinders, seem to be like pickups, everyone has their favorite brand.

Foregoing that mess, Id share 2 things, Amps is a big deal if you want to get anything done, and the hand grinder ( mostly the 4-5" ) is easily the most dangerous tool in the shop.

It will put a hurt on you, a good hurt, long before you ever know its happened, I make a habit of wearing my stick gloves whenever using a grinder. I own way too many battle scars not too.

Beyond that, metabo, seems to be well liked, ( Ive never owned one to know ) I have a party mix of grinders myself. I do have a Milwaukee from the late 1980s Im still running, its a higher amp paddle grinder. Keep in mind that was built by an entirely different tool company than the one that carries that name today. That grinder was also a domestically made tool. Its got a million miles on it, and looks like it too !

Like Walker said, Id be tempted to buy an old good model, and run the risk or repair, than a new Chinese POS.

Id buy as much "amps" as possible, and paddle switches, I like a hell of allot more than top mounted thumb switches, just personal preference.

Best wishes with your first grinder, and remember they can bite.
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