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Originally Posted by kbs2244 View Post
This is how the pros suggest it to be done.

BTW, I have good luck just using epoxy on copper pipe joining.
Haven’t had any leaks yet.
They make a flat statement that copper should not be used , but copper is used in industry , manufacturing , and maintenance facilities around the country for air lines .
Their diagram is a basic system which gives a good starting point for a home shop system .
When designing your system for your shop you need to take into account ceiling height , window heights , the height of your man door(s) , and the height of your garage door(s) . in determining at what height the main is run . Sometimes pulling air off the top of the main is not practical , drops run out the side or even the out the bottom drops work well if you remember to drain the drip leg on them .
Steel is a great material but it does have its draw backs , more labor intensive , need specialty tools to cut and thread it , and has corrosion issues .
Copper can be done with a hacksaw and a propane torch if necessary .
Epoxy gluing of joints is something that I have no experience with so I can not comment on .
KBS , You might want to start a thread on how to use the epoxy method , as some of the members might want to know how it is done .
Originally Posted by Dave Lee View Post
I've seen that epoxy in the plumbing sections of stores but, I'm a little leery of it. If you've had good luck with it, more power to ya'.
Dave , all I can say is we don't use it in the trade as of yet .
Originally Posted by shoprat View Post
I think the are called "drop ells". They are a cast copper 90*fitting, sweat on one end, with 1/2NPT on the other. More importantly, the have mounting "ears" on them that let you screw it to the wall. They are great for the shower spout to supply line connection.
Mark the correct term for them is Drop Eared 90*
Originally Posted by Lu47Dan View Post
Related Fittings
There is a whole host of related fittings , but the majority of them are little use in a compressed air system . To name a few , drop ear ninety , Hyset elbows , these come in various designs mostly with female threads for attaching shower heads and the like .
I didn't say they are of no use , but I have had trouble with them in the past on air systems .
One of the troubles with cast copper fittings is porosity in them , especially ones cast overseas . Testing the system is when this will pop up .
Now onto the next installment of fittings . Dan
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