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It's been a few years since I have run aluminum so I am a bit rusty. I can't help you on the settings although a 145 amp machine may be a bit on the small side. I ran with 600 amp capacity. We ran with 1/2" stickout. The white smoke is normal. Don't breath too much of it. Spray transfer is when you get the voltage higher. I think I ran .035 at around 26 volts. If you want to cough up the extra money you can run a helium/argon mix for a lot hotter arc. If I remember right, 4043 is a softer wire and doesn't feed very good unless you have a push/pull feed system. Most of my aluminum mig was running .045 or .062 on 1/4 to 4" thick stock. Like I said, it's been a few years.
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