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Default Aluminum mig question

I just started mig welding aluminum today with decent results, but i have a few questions you guys may be able to answer for me. decent looking beads w penetration once i get moving, though i dont seem to have enough amperage to penetrate from the start, have to get some heat in it first.

my setup - 145amp machine, turned all the way up
5356 filler wire .030, 3/16" 5052 plate, 25cf straight argon

1- how fast should my wire speed be? the machine has a 1-10 dial, best results have been at 7, any slower and i get a lot of burn back, sticking the wire in my tip

2- how much stickout should i use?

3- im getting a HUGE amount of white smoke while welding, is this normal or am i doing something wrong? looks like welding galvanized steel, is this going to make me sick?

4- can somebody explain what spray transfer is? dumb it down for me if you can

i also bought a roll of 4043 wire, but have trouble getting it to feed. will try again once my teflon liner and roller get here. thanks

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